Monday, October 24, 2011

Get It Done Month, Week 2: Lessons Learned

Tip of the Week, October 9, 2011

Welcome to week 2 of Get It Done Month. (Missed the Tip from week 1? Read it here.) I'm very happy to report that I've accomplished the task I committed to last week: ordering a replacement shade for the broken one in my bedroom. What a relief to finally have that off of my shoulders! I'm ready to move on to a new project this week (more on that below).

I'm also happy to note that several readers shared with me the tasks they wanted to (and in some cases, successfully did) tackle last week. Kudos to those folks, and here's to your continued success in the weeks ahead.

What Kept Me Going
In the course of doing what it took to cross The Shade task off of my list, I was reminded of a few things that help make getting things done a lot easier. Here are those lessons learned, and how they can support you as you work on your own tasks and projects in the weeks ahead.
  • Done is better than perfect. At one point, I found myself wondering how closely the hue of the replacement shade I was looking at online matched the one currently hanging in my bedroom, and almost abandoned the order I was about to place out of fear that the two colors weren't close enough. (What exactly is "dove," anyway?) Then I realized the color match didn't have to be perfect: I don't spend a lot of time looking at the shades closed, and I can live with two slightly different hues. Plus, I wasn't willing to put off the task any longer in the name of perfection.
  • Aim small and low. Truth be told, had I made this task any more ambitious--finding and ordering curtains as well, for example--I probably wouldn't have done it, given everything else I had to attend to last week. Measuring, researching, comparing, and ordering a shade was just right: though there were several steps involved, they were straightforward, and the overall project was a small one.
  • Let accountability do its job. A big motivator throughout the week to finish the task I set out to do, especially in the (multiple) moments when I was tempted to do other things, was the thought that if I didn't complete it, I'd have to confess as much to all of you. Having promised to report my progress, I didn't want to have to admit that I'd fallen short.
Next Up
With task #1 crossed off my list, I'm ready to move on to a new one this week: updating the information in my PortaVault, the grab-and-go system I use for vital records, financial account details, and other info I'd want to have with me were I ever to need to leave my home in a hurry. Some of the stuff in there has grown a bit outdated, so it's time to replace it.

What task or project will you commit to this week? If you completed one last week, great! Let that feeling of accomplishment motivate you as you tackle the next one. If you're just getting started, keep the tips above in mind and remember that getting one project done is better than getting none done.

Once again, I invite you to share your successes and this week's projects on The Organized Life's Facebook page, tweet them with the hashtag #GetItDoneMonth, or leave them in a comment.

Good luck with week 2!

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Busy Signals said...

So true--done is almost always better than perfect. I don't recall the exact reference, but I've heard/read that in business decisions it's often better to decide either way, even if one path is less optimal, because you'll at least start the enterprise moving forward and begin to get real feedback.

I don't know if it's totally true in business but it seems to hold true in my life--it's better to finish a project adequately than aim for perfection and not finish at all. And better to decide and start moving, even if the decision isn't perfect, than to try to make it perfectly and let the moment slip away.